Nikita 2077

by Cristóbal Dión



It's 2077.

Virtual reality and reality have completely merged to make a sole world. Our souls are uploaded onto the cloud, and key humans are cloned over and over to continue on living multiple lives in row. You change the hardware, and sync the soul, and there you go...

Everyone has a chip plugged into their brain and is connected to a network. All was good at first; humanity was able to communicate and work as one, as ants do. Immortality through cloning was a solution to our bad life hygiene.

Numbers got better, and everybody was seemingly happy. However, all this is just an illusion. Deep inside, no one is as happy as they seem.

Nikita got somewhat disconnected from the network. She sees the world as it truly is; One big dark and polluted city.

She's a glitch in the matrix, an offline renegade, an error the network will do anything to erase.


About this song:

It seems obvious to me that digitization of our thoughts and souls is a futuristic possibility. It’s simultaneously scary and stimulating.

I wanted to create a song that reflects what I believe feels like music of the future. Music won't be so much about chord progressions, some music will be highly synthetic and agressive, tempos are constantly accelerating.

- Cristóbal Dión


released October 22, 2021
Composed, Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Cristobal Dion
Artwork by Cristobal Dion


Gear I typically use to craft my sound:

Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO!:
Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade:
Roland SP404sx Sampler:
Akai MPC Series:
Akai MPK249 Midi Keyboard:
Universal Audio Arrow Interface:



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Cristóbal Dión Montreal, Québec

Exotic, esoteric and mystical... This shaman crafts soundscapes that elevate your spirit to trance and quenches your thirst for spiritual exoticism.

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