by Cristóbal Dión



ASSASSINAS EP covers the story of 4 female assassins, Scarlett, Sue Xing, Mitsu and Catrina, all sent to end the life of our hero, Cristobal Dion.

In this passionate and intense EP, each song covers the story of one Assassina. Scarlett, Mitsu, Sue Xing and Catrina have different backgrounds, stories, motives and emotions. The 4 Assassinas approaches their duty with very different perspectives.

While Scarlett finds that she's been an assassin for way too long and hopes for a more peaceful future, Mitsu goes through the opposite destiny; After the loss of her family (reference to Satori EP), she became completely disconnected from her feelings to become a cold-blooded and heartless killer.

While Catrina way of doing is by seducing her pray, to earn his trust, Sue Xing clearly states her intentions to kill her victim at the first encounter.

The 4 different VoiceOver actresses that participated to the project did their best to incarnate their respective character. This provides depth to the project which enables a deeper immersion of the listener.

#mortalkombat #assassinas #kitana #jade #mileena #skarlet #ninja #femaleassassins #martialarts

- Remastered in February 10th 2021


released October 31, 2020


First, I would like to thanks the voiceover actresses that have accept to bring Scarlett(Maria aka Mamplifier), Mitsu(Nicole), Sue Xing(Alylie) and Catrina (Aria aka Ariapanda) to life. Girls, you have done an amazing job, and I am very happy with your performances.

I also would like to thank Carolina Rivasplata & Mark Lawson for their professional feedback.

Finally, but most importantly, I'd like thank my best supporters Mélanie Turgeon and CB16.

All music composed, mixed and mastered by Cristobal Dion
Character design and 3D imaging by Cristobal Dion


Gear I typically use to craft my sound:

Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO! :
Roland SP404sx Sampler :
Akai MPC Series :
Akai MPK249 Midi Keyboard :
Universal Audio Arrow Interface:
Asteman Hang Drum:



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Cristóbal Dión Montreal, Québec

Exotic, esoteric and mystical... This shaman crafts soundscapes that elevate your spirit to trance and quenches your thirst for spiritual exoticism.

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