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Eden's Garden

by Cristóbal Dión



The idea for the "Eden's Garden" EP, came from my experience of growing a garden in my backyard where grass didn't survive long. To my surprise, all the small plants started to blossom rapidly as soon as I invested a bit of love and effort in it.

It was indeed a rich and rewarding experience, as it brings some zenitude, but it also planted a seed deeper in mind, which became the "Eden's Garden" EP.

Eden's Garden is a symbol of growing and abundance starting from a soil that seemed originally lacking what was needed to grow life. Out of nothing, life started to grow and even thrive... But eventually everything comes to an end.

This EP reminds us of two great lessons of life. First, it's good to have no expectation and leave space for surprises. Second, whatever beauty we achieve or see, we need to cherish those moments, as beauty is never eternal. It's short point in time.


"Babylon Kingdom"

In the antiquity, Babylon was a city in the Mesopotamian region (now known as Iraq). It was the largest city in the ancient world, and became a symbol of abundance.

Located at the cross of many rivers, the poor, dry and harsh environment gave life to the most alive city in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful garden ever recorded in history: Garden of Eden.

Babylon was a beautiful city that contained a lot of vegetation. This story reminded me of Montreal, the city where I live. Montreal is the biggest city in the province, but yet it has an abundant vegetation and his quite alive, diverse, and cosmopolitan.

As the city, "Babylon Kingdom" is chaotic, vibrant, rich and multicultural.


Cardinal is the name of the beautiful red bird that came to visit our garden every day. It has a short, high pitch and pure chant. Noble, clean, beautiful, those are word that describe well both the song and the bird. For this song, my 6-year old daughter is singing the word Cardinal with her high pitched pure voice. Bird, as kids, bring life to the mix.

"Alive and Adventurous"

One day, I noticed how bold and adventurous the vines were. The vines originally came from the neighbour's garden, and it invaded and settled in our own backyard. It then started to reach outside towards our backstreet. It reminded me of myself, with a desire to travel the world and grow, and to become cosmopolitan.

"Alone in the dark"

Unfortunately, beautiful places like the Garden of Eden, aren't eternal. At some point, the sunlight give in to darkness, and even an abundant city can decline and disappear. Cities and gardens need abundance, love and care to survive. The moment people desert it, the plants start to die. This song was made dissonant with an experimental time signature to convey disorder and arrhythmia.


released August 2, 2021

Composed, Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Cristobal Dion,
Artwork by Cristobal Dion

Except additional vocals by Ophélie Dion (daughter) on "Cardinal".


Gear I typically use to craft my sound:

Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO! : amzn.to/3khtqdm
Roland SP404sx Sampler : amzn.to/3lA3XeI
Akai MPC Series : amzn.to/2VOCJIh
Akai MPK249 Midi Keyboard : amzn.to/39jvgUA
Kalimba: amzn.to/39jvgUA
Universal Audio Arrow Interface: amzn.to/2VPozqv



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Cristóbal Dión Montreal, Québec

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